Our CBD Journey - Day 4, How Much CBD Should I Take?

Hello friends! Welcome back to our next dive into the beginner’s world of CBD. Recently, we took the time to learn about the different methods in which you can try CBD. From vapes to oils to ointments, there are plenty of options and alternatives out there to try. Today, we at 5th World CBD Brands wanted to take a closer look at dosages, and help you learn about the right kind of questions to ask when deciding what works for you. Many Options - One Goal It can be relatively easy to experience the medical benefits from cannabis. A simple puff or two of THC flower will often do the trick for most people. However smoking marijuana, may not be the best and first option for many people looking for the benefits of cannabis consumption without the smell, public perception and intoxication from smoking THC. This is where CBD comes in. As mentioned earlier, CBD and THC work together to form a power-couple of the cannabis plant. Only after finding the proper balance of the pair for you unique body type will you fully experience the health benefits of CBD. Cannabis and Dosages Estimating the correct dosage of cannabis can often prove to be challenging, both for the patient and medical professionals. Since many physicians never learn about cannabis in medical school, few feel qualified to recommend and administer it to their patients. To make matters even more hazy, cannabis seems to impact people differently and without a standard metric like regular medication. This means what works for one person may not work for another, and only after trial and error can the correct dosage truly be measured. Since cannabis comes in many different forms and is grown in a wide range of potencies, it can be hard to standardize and control from a federal and government regulatory level. All of these factors combine to create a volatile and crowded field of CBD providers that can often leave a new consumer like yourself feeling overwhelmed and confused. Don’t be. Understand that CBD will not hurt you, and this trial process of finding the right dosage for you is something each and every CBD user goes through in their earliest days. But what questions should you ask and what levels of CBD should you plan to start with if you have never used it before?

Micro-dosing for Beginners A common misconception about cannabis is that you have to get high in order to obtain the health benefits from its flower. This is simply not true. Most people are surprised to learn that the therapeutic effects of cannabis can be achieved at dosages lower than those required for intoxication and impairment. Even ultra-low or ‘micro’ doses can be extremely effective in the body, sometimes even more than high doses. 

For new users, doctors often suggest starting with a single inhalation of CBD (or edible) and waiting 30 minutes before taking any more. It is also highly recommended to build yourself a sort of regiment or schedule to help maintain a constant and regular administration of CBD to the body. Personally, my journey began with taking 1-2mg of CBD and THC just before bed. I stuck to this regimen for a week to allow my body to adjust to the CBD treatment before adding more to my schedule the second week. In the words of those who have gone before us; low and slow is the name of the game. There is No Rush For people as well as pets, cannabis dosage must be determined through individual trial and error. Many different factors come into play when introducing CBD to the body including exercise patterns, diet, sleep rhythms, stress and even genetics. You must remember that your body is unique and unlike anyone else’s… which means it will require a blend that meets your own needs without upsetting your natural balance. Some questions to ask yourself as a beginner should include:

Have I ever used cannabis before?What is my goal in using cannabis and CBD?When do I plan on using CBD during my day? Will I be using CBD in a preventative or reactive manner?How much am I willing to spend on my CBD products?

By asking these questions before you begin your CBD journey, you will be better prepared for your first dosage tests and cannabis experience. Always remember that cannabis is a safe and forgiving medicine. Figuring out how to make the most of its health-enhancing properties will involve some trial and error, but that shouldn’t worry you! So if you’re new to cannabis medicine or if you’re seeking to improve your therapeutic routine, remember this advice from 5th World CBD Brands: Start Low and Go Slow! To subscribe to our newsletter for more information please subscribe here.



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